The X-Ray Associates A-B High Voltage Switch was designed to quickly select between two x-ray tube heads. This switching device can be made compatible with all types of high voltage generators, and is actuated using only 24Vdc.
The X-Ray Associates X-ray Tube Filter is designed to mount directly to the tube head to reduce the affects of “soft x-rays” that can cause un-sharpness and noise in both film and digital radiographic imagery. These filters are available with copper or lead sheet housed in an aluminum framework.
The X-Ray Associates Model 65-C1 Transportable Twin X-ray Film Viewer features all steel construction, a full 14”x 17” viewing area and a 600 watt spot light source with on-board dimming. The entire package is enclosed in an ATA approved rolling transport case. Optional items include a variable round iris diaphragm, slotted iris diaphragm and a detachable magnifier lens.
The Carestream HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool reduces the risk on any project by eliminating the guesswork surrounding system calibration. All system parameters are reported on and documented to ensure that the HPX-1 system is functioning within factory specifications.
The X-Ray Associates Model XRA-100 X-ray Tube Cooler is designed for continuous industrial duty and dependable long life. The XRA-100 features heavy-duty steel construction, high-ambient condensers, microprocessor temperature control to within 0.5 degrees F. The XRA-100 comes with an integrated temperature and flow interlock signals.

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Travel Cases are designed for the safe and rapid deployment of the HPX-1 system for relocation or field testing applications. Cases are constructed of aluminum laminated fir plywood with high density foam inserts.