Comet XRP Generators are designed for unipolar and bipolar configurations. Generator features include single or dual focal spot control, power supply for external cooler and integrated terminal blocks for safety circuits, access door switches and warning lamps.
Comet manufactures many styles of high-voltage cables and flanges to fit most x-ray systems utilized for NDT applications. Special cables, flanges and terminals are available upon request.
Proper cooling is vital to the safe and reliable operation of an x-ray system. Comet offers a variety of water and oil coolers designed to meet the most demanding needs with a continuous flow cooling fluid at a constant temperature.
Comet has achieved a breakthrough with it’s new High Power (HP) technology. The HP family of x-ray tubes has nearly doubled the power density of the conventional fixed-anode x-ray tube. HP tubes are available in six power categories from 75k V to 600 kV.
Comet Portable X-ray Systems are designed and manufactured to offer the most reliable and efficient services under the toughest working conditions. Comet’s portable x-ray generators are built to withstand dust and water, and are well suited for crawler applications.
Unipolar Metal Ceramic X-ray Tubes combine high power, small dimensions, low weight with a rugged design for use in a variety of industrial applications. Unipolar tubes are available in four power categories from 75 kV to 225 kV.
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