The HPX-1 Computed Radiography system is built to meet the varied and specific needs of rigorous non-destructive testing applications. With it’s ability to process both long and short imaging plates the HPX-1 delivers weld quality images consistently and dependably.
Kodak Industrex NDT Visualization Software provides quick image retrieval and traceability for altered images, while keeping the original images intact. Images can be archived and exported in a variety of imaging formats. For portable job applications, the HPX-1’s operating system and viewing software is also available in a laptop version.
Kodak Industrex Flex GP, HR and XL Blue Digital Imaging Plates are available in a multitude of sizes to cover a wide range of lab and field applications. Imaging plates are flexible and can be wrapped around most shapes, and they typically require less exposure than conventional x-ray film.
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The Industrex HPX-1 View Station / Laptop system configuration is ideal for remote field inspections and other portable job requirements. Like the Desktop Tower PC, the Laptop version operates Carestream’s Industrex Digital Viewing software using Microsoft Windows XP-64 Professional.   
The Carestream HPX-1 Digital Plate Carrier offers users a new way to scan small or irregular shaped imaging plates using the HPX-1 Digital System. This device can also be used to combine multiple plates into one scan to improve the overall throughput.