X-Ray Associates manufactures both standard and custom rotary x-ray cabinets designed to shield energies up to 450kV. Our patented table bearing provides a lifetime of precision operation. Standard cabinets are equipped with a 60” diameter work table. Custom cabinets are designed and finished in accordance with customer specifications. Each cabinet is built and certified to meet or exceed Federal radiation safety standards.
X-Ray Associates manufactures custom x-ray cabinets designed for use with real-time imagers or flat-panel detector systems. These shielded cabinets are available with either hinged and/or sliding doors and they can be configured as a stationery or portable enclosure.
The X-Ray Associates 8’ x 8’ X-ray Booth is designed as a steel-lead-steel portable and self-contained unit. The walls, ceiling and floor are shielded to provide protection in any location per 21 CFR1020.40. Other safety features include internal and external audible and visual warnings and emergency stop switches. Interior power outlets for 120V and 240V are also standard equipment.
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