The Y.Cougar microfocus x-ray inspection system is designed to meet a wide range of rigorous needs of the electronics, automotive, military and aerospace industries. This system is the ideal solution for real-time microfocus inspections ranging from manual single device to fully automated high volume applications. The Y.Cougar features a small footprint, low system weight and convenient front and side door service access.
The Y.Fox microfocus x-ray inspection system is designed to meet the inspection requirements for the semiconductor and other micro-system compositions where exceptionally high magnification and accuracy are required. The Y.Fox system offers high precision 5-axis manipulation for ultimate real-time viewing and navigation capabilities. The result is a configurable high accuracy inspection solution combining flexibility, functionality and ergonomics of standard microfocus x-ray systems.
The Y.Tiger microfocus x-ray inspection system offers a large sample tray for high volume inspections of printed circuit boards. The Y.Tiger provides high magnification at virtually any viewing angle, 16 bit real-time imaging chains, extensive automated image analysis, semi-automated and manual inspections.
The Y.Cheetah microfocus x-ray inspection system is tailored to customer needs through a wide range of configurations, and it also addresses changing inspection requirements with retrofitable modules and components. The Y.Cheetah features a large automated door for fast and easy loading, unobstructed view it’s large window and collision free single part inspections and grid inspection for fast application to multiple parts.
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